Clinical Waste Disposal

Healthcare and medical waste materials require expert disposal. Clinical waste disposal must comply with the UK’s strict hazardous waste regulations.

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Types of clinical waste 

A waste type that is commonly generated by our customers in medical and care industries, healthcare, and medical waste materials require specialist segregation and disposal. When it comes to clinical waste disposal, Reconomy recognises the importance that all disposal must comply with the UK’s strict compliance and regulations, which is why we help customers all across the country meet the criteria.

Following the guidance of The Department of Health’s HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Memorandum, Reconomy, working with trusted supply partners, follow a color-coded guide to categorise this type of hazardous and non-hazardous waste found in clinical waste streams.

Clinical hazardous waste disposal

We can source containers of various shapes and sizes for the safe removal and disposal of items. Find a range of bins and containers that can help your business.

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Dental waste disposal

We can provide a variety of dental waste containers. This ensures correct segregation and storage. We also ensure disposal of regularly encountered waste materials from all dental practices.

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Anatomical waste disposal

Our anatomical kits contain everything you need to clean up after a body fluid spillage. You can be sure our nationwide supply will leave the area clean, contaminant free and safe for work to continue.

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Non- hazardous offensive waste disposal

Our wide range of feminine hygiene products include a variety of disposal options. These include pedal, manual, and automatically operated options.

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Pharmaceutical waste disposal

We can manage the compliant disposal of your out-of-date pharmaceutical stock, cytotoxic or cytostatic waste, recalled drugs and other hazardous waste.

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  1. contains viable microorganisms that can cause disease in humans
  2. Contaminated with medicine or biologically active pharmaceutical agent
  3. Sharps, body fluid or other biological material contaminated with a dangerous substance
  1. Segregated non-cytotoxic or non-cytostatic medicines
  2. Clinical waste from municipal sources nor directly associated with healthcare (e.g. needles swabs from piercing/tattoo studios)
  3. Anatomical waste that has no risk of infection
  4. Non-haz sharps (but may still be classed as dangerous goods)