Fluorescent Tube Disposal

If your business is looking for compliant and controlled fluorescent tube disposal, or requires help with its hazardous waste management, Reconomy is here to help.

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Fluorescent Tube Disposal for businesses  

Fluorescent tubes, once the main choice for lighting in domestic and office environments, are now slowly being phased out for more energy-efficient LED options. Whilst LED options are the preference, Reconomy still finds many retail and housebuilding partners that still rely on these familiar tubes, which brings a challenge when it comes to correct treatment of the waste.

Fluorescent tubes will contain small amounts of mercury, a toxic heavy metal that makes the tubes a hazardous waste stream that require specialist treatment and disposal.

If your business is frequently generating fluorescent tube waste and requires help with its hazardous waste management, Reconomy is here to help.

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Reconomy works with partners regularly to communicate the safe and responsible ways to dispose of used fluorescent tubes and encourage effective hazardous waste management.

Working frequently with large volumes of fluorescent tubes, Reconomy will partner with your business to implement and develop a bespoke Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP), improving your carbon footprint and ensuring your on-site personnel have the required handling training.

When handling fluorescent tube waste for disposal, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines to reduce any risk of exposure to hazardous materials. Wear gloves and safety glasses and avoid breaking the tubes. Store any used tubes in a sturdy skip or container to prevent breakage and leaks. Reconomy will work with your business to ensure transport of the tubes to a disposal facility safely and in a secured way.

Here are some brilliant additional resources your business can use to learn about the dangers of mercury ending up in waste:

Learn more about the dangers of mercury: https://www.epa.gov/mercury

Find your local regulations for hazardous waste disposal: https://www.epa.gov/hw

Let’s work together to create a healthier and more sustainable future

The convenience of throwing used fluorescent tubes in your regular waste bin might be tempting, but it categorically shouldn’t be done.  Most UK landfills aren’t equipped to handle hazardous materials like mercury, which means it needs handling with precision and care.

Broken tubes can release mercury vapours that will result in the contaminating of our soil, air, and water sources.  Inhaling these vapours can also cause respiratory problems, neurological damage, and developmental issues in children.

Benefits of Reconomy’s professional Fluorescent Tube Disposal Services

Reconomy’s services offer numerous benefits for handling your business’s fluorescent tubes safely and effectively. Our services handle hazardous materials like mercury and ensure proper disposal in accordance with environmental regulations.

Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll explore all options to recycle tubes
A convenient and compliant service
An expert customer service team
Deliver training to on-site personnel and trades.
Ensure all mercury is handled with the upmost care

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