Material Management

We provide sortation and trading services to maximise closed loop solutions and recycling opportunities for your waste.

Enhance recycling whilst identifying opportunities

Effectively managing hard-to-recycle items can be difficult for any business. With that in mind, we use our industry expertise, state-of-the-art technology and AI tools to  provide sortation and trading services that maximise circular solutions and recycling opportunities for your valuable materials – from paper to plastics, card, steel, aluminium and glass.

 Our reliable service provides a materials management program specifically tailored to suit individual organisation’s needs, incorporating the most appropriate machinery and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency can be gained. Due to increasing pressure upon organisations through legislation and sustainability requirements, our waste recycling management systems are here to help fulfill compliance obligations in a convenient, consistent, and efficient way.


Facilitation of the trading of commodities and waste

Centrally managed commodity trading - we work with customer and recyclers or exporters to buy and sell recyclable materials. Either delivered as part of a total waste management solution, as standalone trading or an innovative recycling solution.

We will also offer provision of PRNs towards customers obligations, for the eligible material they recycle with us.

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