Chemical waste disposal

We understand the critical importance of correct and secure chemical waste treatment for your business, that's why we work with your business to ensure all chemicals are handled safetly and compliantly

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An expert solution to chemical waste collection and disposal

Under our brands in the Recycle Loop, we understand the critical importance of having a correct and secure treatment service for all types of chemicals that can be found in waste on-site, or spillages that require appropriate cleaning. Working with a group of industry-expert chemical waste collection companies as part of our supply chain, we guarantee that your hazardous waste management is effective, and all collection is compliant with all regulations, whilst giving your workforce the most up-to-date information it needs.

Committed to safe chemical waste disposal regulations

Through our several Recycle Loop brands, we make sure that our customer has safety as their our top priority when dealing with the treament of chemicals. Our expert team of chemical waste collection companies consist of trained professionals who all adhere to strict safety protocols throughout the collection process, giving you the most important information you need to stay compliant. From collection, transport, all the way to final disposal, every step of our service is considered to minimise  risks and prevent any harm to human health or our environment.

An environmental responsibility to chemical waste disposal guidelines

As we continue to provide waste collection for chemicals found across a variety of industries, we understand that every client’s collection needs are going to be unique. Whether it’s one of our partners generating waste in the pharmaceutical industry, or even oil waste spillages on a construction or housebuilding site, our amazing team works closely with you to structure a tailored solution that meets your site’s requirements. By working with our team, we can also ensure you have regular on-site assessments set up to ensure your waste management plans are in line with the latest chemical waste collection guidelines. What’s more, we ensure that your chemical waste needs are addressed effectively and efficiently.

Helping you meet the latest regulatory compliance:

Keeping up with the latest regulatory compliance can be incredibly daunting for a business without the resource to dedicate time to research. With our team full of industry-expert knowledge in the waste management sector, you can rest assured that your waste collection processes are fully compliant with the latest compliance regulations in the UK.

Clinical waste disposal

Following the guidance of The Department of Health’s HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste Memorandum, Reconomy, working with trusted supply partners, follow a color-coded guide to categorise this type of hazardous and non-hazardous waste found in clinical waste streams