Dental Waste Disposal & Collection

Reconomy understands the need for a robust and secure segregation system when it comes to dental waste.

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Dental waste disposal to help UK businesses meet guidelines

Working in partnership with countless dental practices throughout the country, Reconomy understands the need for a robust and secure segregation system when it comes to dental and healthcare waste. Dental waste and other clinical waste streams can be classified as both hazardous and non-hazardous, which is why Reconomy provides container options for the two main sources of dental waste: Amalgam and Gypsum.

Gypsum waste

Gypsum waste is a term used to categorise any dental waste that isn’t classified in the hazardous category. This form of healthcare waste will usually arrive from training equipment, rather than anything containing residues that could contaminate the waste. Reconomy will help you segregate this healthcare waste by providing a gypsum container, always colour-coded with a white lid, and the waste will be sent to be sent to landfill and cannot be recycled.

Gypsum container
EWC code: 18 01 04*

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Amalgam waste

‘Amalgam’ waste is a term used to categorise any dental waste the is classified as clinical and can contaminate a waste stream. This clinical waste stream is often formed from tooth fillings or packets that contain clinical residue, and will always require segregation to help you meet legislation.
Working together with your dental practice, Reconomy provide amalgam separators to help you segregate clinical waste items from your standard gypsum container.

Amalgam separator
EWC code: 18 01 10*

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Reconomy finds that dental practices generate various types of waste, including amalgam waste, biomedical waste, sharps waste (needles, syringes), expired medications, lead foils, gypsum containers, and other clinical waste materials used in dental procedures.

If you are a dental practice and require assistance with the safe disposal of your dental, infectious or medical waste, please get in touch for a free quote.


Dental amalgam waste contains mercury, meaning it needs to be collected and disposed of properly to prevent contamination in landfill. This typically involves using amalgam separator containers as part of your segregation to capture mercury before it enters waste. Once collected, amalgam waste will require the upmost care when it comes to disposal. Please speak to Reconomy for more information and to get a free quote.

A Gypsum waste container will handle all waste under the following:
EWC code: 18 01 04*

All amalgam waste in amalgam separators will be under the following:
EWC code: 18 01 10*

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