Environmental Compliance

Through Reconomy's Comply brands, we can help your business meet the requirements of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for Packaging, Packaging Waste, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), and Waste Batteries Regulations.

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Services to help you comply now and tomorrow

Environmental legislation varies from country to country. With increasing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements, compliance can be incredibly complex and costly. Through Reconomy’s Comply brands, our global knowledge, skills and tools help simplify compliance and scalable PRO operations – whether it’s supporting you throughout the whole process or stepping in for part of it.

Depending on your needs or the legislation in place, we can assist with elements of an application or end-to-end fulfilment and submitting documentation on your behalf.

Explore the map below to find the relevant Reconomy brand for compliance services in your location:

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