Battery waste disposal

A more sustainable approach to battery waste. Reconomy provides easy steps for responsible battery disposal and recycling options in your area.

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Reconomy’s battery disposal services

Here at Reconomy, we offer a full range of battery disposal services to meet your business’ needs. Whether you have a few household batteries or large quantities of industrial batteries, our team is equipped to handle it all. We provide secure collection, transportation, and recycling solutions, ensuring that every battery is disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our services include collection, transportation, and safe disposal, ensuring compliance with all environmental regulations.

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Each year, the UK sees millions of batteries end up in landfills, all releasing harmful toxins into the environment and polluting with hazardous waste properties. Correct battery disposal is a fundamental and integral part of protecting our planet to ensure a healthy future, that’s why here at Reconomy, we work with UK businesses to help install more sustainable business practices for their battery waste.

Our battery disposal services cover a wide variety of battery types, including:

Alkaline Batteries:
Commonly used in household devices like remotes and flashlights.

Lithium-ion Batteries:
Found in laptops, smartphones, and other portable electronics.

Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries:
Used in cordless power tools and emergency lighting.

Lead-Acid Batteries:
Typically found in vehicles and backup power systems.

Button Cell Batteries:
Used in watches, hearing aids, and small electronics.


The dangers of incorrect battery waste disposal

Batteries are formed of several hazardous waste materials like mercury, lead, and cadmium. When disposed of, these materials can find their way into the soil and water from landfills, which results in contamination of our environment.

What's more, these materials can be fire hazardous, which is why storage, collection and transportation must be handled with the upmost care.

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Valpak battery box

Household battery recycling and collection services

Through Reconomy company, Valpak, we help thousands of businesses across the UK with battery recycling by providing a Free Battery Box service. If your business is based in the UK, you can simply complete an online request form, available on Valpak consumer-facing recycling website, to start improving your battery recycling today. Using a free battery box will also mean that your staff can deposit household portable batteries (e.g. AAs and AAAs) for recycling whilst at work.

Please note that lithium primary batteries and button cells should only be collected as part of this mix in the battery recycling boxes. We would also advise their terminals is taped to prevent shorting.

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