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A Rear End Loader (REL) is used for larger, more frequent collections of municipal general waste and more. Get a FREE quote today.

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REL bins

In Reconomy’s Recycle Loop brands, we understand the significance of efficient waste management for your business. That's why we're proud to introduce our cutting-edge rear end loaders, designed to streamline your operations and maximise productivity.

If you are looking for a solid waste management solution to large volumes of light waste, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our range of rear end loaders and how they can benefit your business.

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Rear end loaders arrive in different shapes and sizes to suit various applications, typically in larger sizes than Front End Loaders. Our range of rear end loader trucks arrive from 10 to 16 yards and are a great waste disposal solution for weights of up to 500kgs.  

10 yard REL

1806 mm 1500 mm 3840 mm 

12 yard REL

1806 mm 1770 mm 3840 mm 

14 yard REL

1806 mm 1850 mm 4150 mm 

16 yard REL

1806 mm 1850 mm 4640 mm  

  • Durable design  
  • Ability to handle multiple waste streams  
  • Lockable lid for enhance security  
  • Perfect for municipal waste  
  • Ideal for larger volumes of waste  
  • Can be used internally or externally 

What can go in a Rear End Loader (REL) container?

Reconomy generally finds rear end loaders being used for collecting waste from partners generating high volumes of light waste in sectors such as retail and hospitality. Able to handle a variety of waste streams, Reconomy finds RELs crucial for our customers requiring municipal waste management, helping them efficiently collecting and transporting waste to the most suitable disposal route.

For our customers in Wales, new laws to segregation will apply, so please confirm waste streams onsite with our team before requesting a free quote.

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