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A Front End Loader Bin, commonly known as a FEL, is a compaction vehicle is used to empty containers ranging from 6yrd to 10yrd. Get a FREE quote.

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A comprehensive range of Front End Loader Bins

At Reconomy, through our Recycle Loop brands, we work with industry-leading supply partners to offer our customers a comprehensive range of Front End Loader (FEL) bins designed to meet your waste management needs with efficiency and reliability.

Our FEL bins are essential cogs in the wheel of waste management strategies we implement for our customers, ideal for handling commercial waste, industrial waste, and municipal waste.

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When choosing an FEL bin from Reconomy, it’s imperative to consider the volume of waste, collection frequency you’ll require, and available space onsite. Our range of FEL bins arrive in various sizes to accommodate different needs, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your waste management requirements.

Below are the various sizes we can provide:

  • 6 yard FEL container – around a 4,600-litre capacity, holds about 60 bags of waste 
  • 8 yard FEL container – around a 6,000-litre capacity to hold about 70 bags of waste 
  • 10 yard FEL container – around a 7,600-litre capacity to hold about 80 bags of waste 

Commonly used in commercial, industrial, and municipal waste management settings for collecting various types of waste. So, what business would need Front End Loader waste bins? At Reconomy, we commonly find the below sectors order FEL containers regularly to assist with waste collection and disposal:

  • Commercial waste from restaurants, back-of-house retail, shopping centres, and offices.
    Industrial waste from customers in the manufacturing sector.

What is a Front End Loader bin?

A Front-End Loader (FEL) bin, also known as an FEL bin, is a type of waste container specifically designed to be emptied by a front-end loader truck.

The FEL truck, again referred to as a dustcart or compaction vehicle is used to empty these industrial waste bins ranging from sizes of 6 to 10 yards. This is different to a rear end loader that only empty commercial waste bins ranging from 10 to 14 yards. At Reconomy, we regularly find the maximum weight of these waste containers to hold a maximum of 300kgs, making them perfect for larger volumes of waste that are lighter in weight.

These bins are closable but have an open top for easy access for your workforce to load waste into. The hydraulic arms of the front end loader truck are used to lift and empty the contents of the FEL bin into the vehicle so it can be transported to the nearest waste treatment facility.

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