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Wood waste

Wood recycling and disposal for businesses

The cost-effective disposal of excess wood and wooden pallets can be problematic for many businesses. Due to their size and shape, pallets can take up a disproportionate amount of space if placed in traditional skips. Data from Reconomy’s waste management portal has revealed that 40% of the timber skips we manage per annum are under-utilised, often due to pallet disposal.

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Wood pallet collections for UK businesses

Though pallets can be broken down for more efficient disposal with other wood waste, this can be time-consuming and also prevents the option of pallets being repaired or reused.

Reconomy’s pallet collection provides a straightforward and reliable solution that ensures your pallets will not find their way to landfill – benefiting both your environmental targets and credentials.

  • Reuse – this is our preferred option for pallets in good condition or those that can be repaired
  • Recycling – Pallets that cannot be repaired will be recycled into other products such as wooden briquettes, animal bedding or garden mulch
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Wood waste services

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