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Reconomy’s expert team can help identify food waste reduction at each stage of the value chain.

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Food waste recycling service

According to the Waste Resources and Action Programme (WRAP), around 9.2 million tonnes of food waste was created in 2018. Almost 70% of this is thrown away each year, although vast majorities of this could have been reused or even eaten!

Reconomy’s expert team can help identify food waste reduction at each stage of the value chain. We can help with improved processes to reduce food waste at both strategic and operational levels and propose new ways of working, including closed-loop opportunities and circular economy principles.

What is food waste?

“Food waste” can be defined by any food discarded, either edible or inedible that has been consciously disposed of and recovered from either pre-production, food production, supply chain or consumer phases of waste creation.

Food waste can be a complicated waste stream, like most there are a lot of protocols that regulate what can be done with the waste. A lot of food we may consider to be waste, may not be waste at all and could potentially go back into agriculture. Whether this be as a natural compost, fertilizer for farmlands & crops, or as an animal feed.

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The Impact of Food Waste

Food waste is a pressing global issue with significant environmental, social, and economic consequences. When food is wasted, valuable resources such as water, energy, and land are squandered.

Furthermore, decomposing food waste in landfills produces harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. By addressing food waste, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a more efficient food system.

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Food Waste Management Solutions for businesses

At Reconomy, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and combating food waste. Our comprehensive food waste management is designed to help businesses reduce waste, protect the environment, and contribute to a more sustainable future. How do we do it?

Waste Assessment and Planning
Source Separation
Collection and Transportation
Advanced Processing
Reporting and analysis

Food waste management services for businesses:

Food waste caddies

Usually found in office canteens, residential properties for food scraps

Generally accompanied with an external wheelie bin however some providers do have kerbside bag collection services

Serviced on a weekly/fortnightly basis

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Wheelie bins

Usually found within a canteen & retail setting for food scraps and out of date produce. Food can be packaged.

Serviced on a weekly/fortnightly basis.

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Roll on roll off skips

Usually used within a mass food production environment.

Ideally used for animal feed or just mass production waste

Dependent on the waste itself, there is an opportunity to rebate back on the material.

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