Rigid Polypropylene Recycling

Reconomy has developed a range of services that cater for any size producer of silicone paper wastes

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Utilized extensively throughout the graphics industry, including exhibitions, POS displays and hoardings. Although rigid PP is extensively recycled within the Plastics Recycling Industry, the usual barriers prevent this route from being available.

Both waste off-cuts from printers and end-of-campaign material from consumers is typically disposed into the general waste and therefore collected and treated by mainstream waste contractors. Due to the limited recycling capabilities of fiber-based waste, PP is either landfilled or incinerated.

Unless the material is either collected by a relevant recycler or transported directly to one, there is no mechanisms in place for waste contractors, WHICH COLLECT YOUR WASTE – to divert the material to them.

Reconomy has developed a service that ensures PP is collected and delivered directly to a Plastics Recycler for processing. The materials are granulated and blended with other grades of PP prior to transportation for manufacturers to process into low-grade products, such as plant pots.


Services available

Supply IBC cages for the segregated storage of material, which are exchanged at the time of collection.

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