Display and POS recycling


Viable recycling options

Historically, businesses have been required to dispose of their visual media waste either at landfill or converted through recovery at EFW to (energy from waste) facilities. This is because mainstream waste contractors are not able to offer viable recycling options for any type of substrate, so non-renewable routes are typically taken, which is damaging to the environment and leaves unrealised opportunity for print manufacturers.

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FESPA UK offers a Total Waste Management scheme, operated by Reconomy, within their membership package. This covers free environmental auditing to establish/implement waste media recycling options, costs analysis and advice and sustainable material choices.

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BPIF has established, in partnership with Reconomy, its own scheme, entitled Display & POS 2 Recycling, that ensure each member of the scheme receives BPIF certification and open company use of the logo.

The scheme applies to and benefits all companies that use fibre based materials to produce packaging or other products in the UK.

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The problem businesses face:

Visual media waste is going to landfill or waste-to-energy. This is despite most of the visual media waste, irrespective of type, actually being recyclable
Waste-to-energy and landfilling this waste is profligate and environmentally irresponsible
Mainstream waste contractors are not able to offer viable recycling options for any type of substrate
Other options have previously proven to be more costly and inefficient
The logistics of moving this waste is difficult due to the number of various types, sizes, the low weight by volume
Your customers are looking at the whole supply chain for environmentally sustainable solutions.

Establishing recycling options for visual media

Recycling is now possible for all rigid and flexible visual print media. This is an exciting opportunity for businesses working with visual display, point of sale materials, digital media and giant print format industry together with their supply chains.

We have developed cost effective and efficient logistical networks covering the entire UK. We are constantly developing new solutions for recycling media types through our network of re-processors.  Every printer in the UK, from the smallest to the largest, is inclusive.

The many benefits

  • Cost 
  • Logistics 
  • Management 
  • Environmental
  • Your customers
  • Accreditation 


Recycling options are evaluated from the outset, ensuring commercial viability is prioritised


We utilize a collection infrastructure throughout the printing industry that enables small volumes of waste material to be collected


We will manage this whole process for you and integrate all other waste streams to increase efficiency


Moving your waste up the Waste Hierarchy and diverting media from landfill / waste-to-energy, whilst maximising recycling, is our goal

Your customers

Your customers are looking for environmentally sound partners throughout their supply chain


By working with us you will be eligible for accreditation through one of our association partners.

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