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Giving your project the 6F2 supply it requires

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Giving your project the 6F2 supply it requires

As a leading supplier to the construction and infrastructure sectors, Reconomy offers a diverse range of quarried & recycled aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, and even 6F2.

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine the quantity of 6F2 you require onsite and get it to you reliably and on time.

Working with a team of trusted and pre-approved supply partners of 6F2 supply, means we can supply the material directly to sites across the UK. What's more, we’ve already negotiated the best rates possible, meaning we’re not only UK-wide but low-cost too.  

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Pipe bedding

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MOT Type 1

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6F2 FAQs

6F2 aggregates, also known as Type 2 Crushed Concrete, are a type of material made from recycled concrete. These aggregates are treated and graded to certain specifications, making them suitable for usage Reconomy customers across the construction and infrastructure sectors.


Using 6F2 aggregates offers lots of benefits, including cost-effectiveness, environmentally friendly due to being recycled contents, and excellent load-bearing capabilities. As recycled concrete material, they contribute to your company’s sustainability efforts and reduce the need for natural resources in the construction and infrastructure industries.

6F2 aggregates are versatile and are used throughout our customers in the construction and infrastructure industries. They are commonly used as a sub-base material for roads, driveways, and paths.

6F2 aggregates are typically supplied in loose form and can be delivered in various quantities depending on the project requirements. Our team of fully compliant service providers will usually offer both small and large load deliveries to cater to different customers needs.

Calculating the required quantity of 6F2 aggregates depends on factors such as the area to be covered and the desired depth. Our team of professionals here at Reconomy can assist you in estimating the amount needed based on your project’s specifications.

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