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Giving your project the MOT type 1 supply it requires

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Paving your project with the MOT type 1 supply it requires

Reconomy’s MOT Type 1 services, where excellent prices meet product .
Working with a large pool of fully compliant service providers, it makes us a trusted provider of high-quality bulk sub-base materials, and we take pride in being able to supply MOT Type 1 aggregates all across the UK.

Being able to supply across the UK ensures the success of large projects our customers in the construction and infrastructure industries are taking on, we are committed to customer satisfaction, so our aim is to create robust and reliable foundations that stand the test of time.

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Pipe Bedding

Produced from recycled crushed concrete and used to surround pipes, protecting them from damage from larger objects. Also helps stop vibrations by holding pipes in place, reducing damage.

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Top soil

Mostly used for levelling terrain, turfing, and planting. Various levels of quality are available, such as screened, graded, as dug and HBC standard.

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Either recycled or quarried aggregate ideal for the paving of roads or footpaths. Typically used as a finer layer before Asphalt is layered on top.

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MOT Type 1, also known as Ministry of Transport Type 1 in the industry, is a miniscule sub-base material used by our customers in the construction and infrastructure industries. It is a crushed stone aggregate product that is suitable for a wide-range of projects throughout the two industries.

MOT Type 1 is commonly used as a sub-base material in construction and infrastructure projects that need strong and stable foundations. It provides a sturdy base to help allocate loads and prevent settling, giving your surface the stability it needs.

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Using MOT Type 1 product offers several benefits for Reconomy’s customers, including robust properties, solid drainage, and resistance to freezing weather conditions and deformation.

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Yes, our customers at Reconomy have found MOT Type 1 to be designed to withstand most weather conditions. Its resistance to frost and solid drainage makes it perfect for areas prone to poor conditions, ensuring stability over time.

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Yes, MOT Type 1 can be used in conjunction with other construction materials. It is often layered with additional aggregates, such as MOT Type 2 and Type 3, to create a well-structured and multi-layered foundation for various construction projects.

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The quantity of MOT Type 1 required depends on the size of your project and the space it needs to fill. Simply get in touch with the expert team here at Reconomy and we can help you with confirming the required amount for your project.