Waste Compaction

We supply a full range of waste compaction products including Wheelie Bins, RELs, and FELs. Supplied together with larger Roll-On-Roll-Off skips and containers.

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Reconomy take the pain out of your scheduled waste collections

Reconomy has a variety of disposal units. These include standard 240-litre wheelie bins, larger 1100 litre bins, and heavy-duty Rear and Front-End Loader and Roll-on Roll-off containers.

Our extensive range will meet your needs for any purpose. We provide the solution to your scheduled collection needs.

Our expert team are on hand to provide the perfect schedule to meet your requirements for container hire. Our units are custom built for you, and not at the convenience of the service provider!

Wheelie Bin range

A wide range of wheelie to suit any need. We dispose of general waste, food waste, glass, and commercial waste. Whatever your needs, we have a wheelie bin for you.

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Roll on Roll Off Containers

Our RoRo skips and low sided containers allow you to transport both lightweight and bulky materials without compromise. Reconomy can provide you with a range of RoRo skips. This makes transporting large loads simple and hassle-free.

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Front End Loaders (FELs)

A front-end loader features a lockable lid and is suitable for most waste streams. These include waste such as DMR, paper, cardboard, and other general wastes.


We can provide a range of compactors fitting specific industry waste specifications. From static to portable compactors, get in touch to find the right solution for you.

Rear End Loaders (RELs)

Rear-end loaders are ideal for waste that can be compacted. This includes paper, cardboard, plastic , and general office waste.

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We work with businesses of varying sizes and within all sectors across the UK, to help you decide which waste and recycling services best fit your needs.

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