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Portable and static compactors available nationwide

Reconomy can provide both portable and static waste compactors, which can deliver major benefits to commercial waste producers as an alternative to the traditional skip by preparing general waste for transit and recyclables for onward processing. Designed to minimise the use of space, compactors can be used close to where waste is generated without hindering day-to-day operations.

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Portable Waste Compactors

Providing a clean, efficient method for collecting and disposing of waste, Portable Compactors are 100% leak and odour proof and suitable for food waste as well as dry recyclables. They are hygienic and safe - being totally closed containers, they safeguard against fire risk, avoid contamination by waste spillage and stop infestation by insects and vermin. Reconomy’s Portable Waste Compactors have a compaction ratio of 6:1, meaning they can be emptied less frequently than conventional waste compactors.

Portable Waste Compactors are usually emptied on a ‘tip and return’ basis. When full, the compactor is collected and taken to the nearest waste disposal site to be emptied.

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Static Waste Compactor

Compacting waste in containers rather than inside the compactor itself, Static Compactors are ideal for handling cardboard, packaging, pallets and other dry recyclables. Reconomy’s smallest Static Waste Compactor still offers generous capacity and with an industry leading compaction force of 34 tonnes, it will hugely reduce the volume of your waste, resulting in fewer collections and lower costs. Static Compactors can be used either as standalone equipment or incorporated into a wide variety of waste handling systems. Whichever the operating mode, they must be located on a level concrete base.

Office Recycling

Reconomy have a wide range of office recycling services available nationwide. Visit to find out more

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Wheelie Bins & Containers

Wheelie bins in every size and capacity you may need, we supply a full range of Wheelie Bins, RELs and FELs together with larger Roll On Roll Off skips and containers.

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Single-Stream Recycling

Reconomy provide single stream recycling options for plastic, glass, paper, food, metal, wood and cardboard, together with other niche waste streams. Our industry experts are on hand to reduce waste, create additional resource from your waste and help meet sustainability and social value goals.

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