Reconomy provide single stream recycling options for plastic, glass, paper, food, metal, wood and cardboard, together with other niche waste streams. Our industry experts are on hand to reduce waste, create additional resource from your waste and help meet sustainability and social value goals.

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A strategic approach to high volumes and problematic waste streams

Single stream recycling enables businesses to focus on a high volume or problematic waste stream and work with us to produce a bespoke solution. Using closed loop principles to achieve a circular economy approach, we will work with customers to unlock potential value from waste or, in some instances, simply provide a more environmentally friendly recycling or reuse option.

Using a strong network of charities and social enterprises, Reconomy can help deliver opportunities that help businesses deliver social value commitments and achieve sustainability goals through an industry leading approach.

Wood recycling and pallet disposal

The cost-effective disposal of excess wood pallets can be problematic for many businesses. The construction industry is responsible for generating millions of pallets every year, with up to 60% of these being disposed of as waste, often ending up at landfill.

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Plasterboard recycling

If your site or project is generating plasterboard waste, you are legally required to separate it from other forms of waste so it can be compliantly disposed of.

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Metal recycling

Whether you want to create an income stream from your scrap metals or source the best quality recycled products, Reconomy has you covered.

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