The Circular Economy: Achieving Zero Waste

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What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a system that prioritises environmental protection within businesses and organisations. Through waste minimisation and waste avoidance, the circular economy aims to prevent further climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution.

Sustainability isn’t just good for the planet. Alongside environmental protection, the circular economy also has social and commercial benefits for businesses and communities. Therefore, moving from a linear economy to a circular economy can boost the revenue, profit, and ethical authority of a business.

Regenerate your business and waste solutions

The circular economy must be regenerative. Sustainability for businesses goes beyond single-stream recycling . Instead, waste must be tackled from every angle, utilising principles of the economic system. Waste can be identified and eliminated at any point, including disposal, design, and production stages. The circular model tackles waste by designing intelligent processes throughout your business.

Design out waste

Prevention is better than cure. Design out negative and damaging impacts of business activity, such as CO2, pollution, and wasted materials.

Reuse materials

Choose activities that preserve value and reuse secondary materials rather than relying on virgin materials.

Regenerate systems

Only use renewable resources that return nutrients to soils or use renewable energy rather than fossil fuels.


How do you participate in the circular economy?

Achieving zero waste and joining the circular economy is a journey that resources waste recycling, reuse, prevention, and other recovery methods. We know the importance of minimising the creation of waste and our environmental impact. For businesses, the benefits are just as clear, maximising material value and boosting brand ethics. Fortunately, beginning your circular journey is simple with Reconomy. We have identified five simple steps that you can take to transition your business from a linear to a circular waste model.

Our 5 steps to circularity


Working with Reconomy

Reconomy will be with you every step of the way on your journey around the circular economy. We will provide an instant knowledge hub with networks into the industry to create new, sustainable avenues of waste prevention and disposal.

Businesses in the loop

Reconomy has helped businesses to join the circular economy, reduce waste, and identify the economic benefits of tailored waste management:

The Co-operative Bank

Recycled 80,000 card readers
Curated a zero-waste strategy
Implemented closed-loop recycling systems

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Balfour Beatty Living Places

14,000 streetlamps replaced with LED lanterns
£34k of social value delivered
100% waste reduction achieved

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Work out your waste

Use Reconomy’s Zerowasteometer and find out where you are on your zero-waste journey and how your business can join the circular economy.

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