Environmental commitment

For Reconomy, environmental responsibility is a commitment that goes beyond compliance. As a global community, we have an obligation both to each other as well as future generations to set, meet and exceed ambitious environmental targets.


Introducing REAP

The Reconomy Environmental Action Plan (REAP) is our pathway to achieving net zero carbon by 2028.

Through this programme, Reconomy – together with our wider group of companies – will dramatically cut our usage of fuel, heat, lighting and other sources of CO2 through setting science-based targets and carbon reduction plans.

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Developing circular solutions.

We will also lead the waste and environmental services sectors by working with our clients and suppliers alike to reduce materials used and develop circular solutions.

The Reconomy Environmental Action Plan is abbreviated to REAP because through our actions and by influencing those around us, we will sow the seeds needed to bring about environmental change so that we can reap the benefits for generations to come.

Net zero carbon

Reconomy has set net zero carbon science-based targets which will act as our guide to reducing our direct carbon emissions to net zero by 2028. These include:

100% renewable energy usage for all Reconomy group offices
Maintaining digital meetings to reduce business miles
Transitioning our fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles
Planting a Reconomy-sponsored woodland
Implementing an employee sustainability engagement programme

Sustainable giants

Now we’ve taken you through what sustainability means in terms of your business and why it is more than just your practices, why not take a look at our sustainable giants interactive. Here, we detail who is leading the charge to being a sustainable company.

Using YouGov’s top companies in terms of public perception alongside Corporate Knights’ Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies, we created a list of 157 businesses across 13 different sectors. Using each business’ individual strategy aligned with information from social media, we then pinpointed who is talking the most about being sustainable. Check out these sustainable companies.


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Social value

Creating routes to employment for hard-to-reach groups, supporting our local communities and working with more socially responsible businesses.

Social value

Business Value

Adding value through outstanding customer service, integrity, innovation, investment in talent and supplier partnerships.

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