Social value

Social value needs to be maintained and enhanced so that businesses can operate successfully, and societies can thrive. To us, social value means safe and fulfilling jobs for our colleagues, a supportive working culture free of discrimination, a deep respect for labour rights and access to educational opportunity.


Reconomy's Social Value

Looking outwards, social value means local community investment in two main ways: breaking barriers faced by vulnerable people entering employment and bridging gas faced by young adults leaving the care system. This activity is underpinned by our volunteering work and by donations to charitable causes local to our offices and operational sites. In 2018 we brought this activity into a social value programme, named RSVP.

Our multi-award winning social value programme, RSVP, provides a range of services, such as volunteers, school projects, local community nature initiatives and for people from hard to reach background employability.

We continue to find opportunities for people from marginal or vulnerable groups, and, in so doing, to reduce re-offending rates (currently around 30%). Recent external factors slowed many programmes down, including the Breaking Barriers programme, but it is now ripe for acceleration in 2023, through the Reconomy Social Enterprise CIC. 

The Breaking Barriers programme not only helps prison leavers, but also ex-military personnel and the long-term unemployed. It focuses on training, recruitment, risk assessments and personal development. The aim is to help people achieve independence and fulfilling lives. For us it means access to additional capacity and workforce. 

At the heart of RSVP is our five-year commercial partnership with the National House Project for young adults leaving care. Through our continued association with the charity, and as signatories to the Care Leavers Covenant, we offer practical support, training and work experience opportunities to care-experienced adults, helping them to secure their first job or apprenticeship or to progress their careers. In 2022, we sponsored the Reconomy Entrepreneur Award to support young people with experience of the care system to start their own businesses, offering seed funding and business mentoring. 

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