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Reconomy selects supply chain partners carefully and we're proud to have several long-standing, successful relationships

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We work with a number of waste management supply chain partners to create mutually beneficial relationships that allow both parties to achieve their key objectives. It is through working with selected supply chain partners that Reconomy have been able to expand their network of tipping locations and recycling centres. Partnering with Reconomy has many benefits:

  • Continuity of work and future growth opportunities
  • Legislative help and support
  • Reliable payment terms
  • Technology and ready-made digital supply chain solutions
  • Help and advice on industry topics such as Modern Slavery

Partnering for success with Reconomy

We select our supply chain partners carefully and expect them to meet the following expectations:

High quality service levels and top level KPIs such as landfill diversion rate and legislative compliance
Compliance to Reconomy procedures and sustainability requirements
High regard for Health and Safety (no risk culture)
The ability to meet capacity requirements and innovation through continual investment
A relationship founded on trust and integrity

Pre-qualification process for prospective suppliers

Our typical process covers the following standard selection criteria:

  • Waste carrier license checks and permit details
  • Understanding of permitted waste streams and capacity potential
  • Understanding of potential geographical coverage and operating area
  • Minimum service level performance targets
  • Annual site audit and compliance standards

Reconomy's partnership goal

"Our goal is to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers that enables both parties to achieve their core objectives and realise sustainable business growth."

Michael Benton, Operations Director, Reconomy

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