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Reconomy has innovation at its heart, fueling ambition through technology.

Tech-enabled, people-powered

Our tech-enabled, people-powered approach enables businesses to better manage their resources, reduce waste, optimise their supply chains, and contribute in a meaningful way towards the circular economy.


Innovation with impact

Our technology delivers impact across an entire business, helping improve the Reconomy customer experience and drive operational efficiencies.

Customer experience

Enabling a rich and integrated customer experience for you and your customers through our portals and platforms.

Operational excellence

Utilising our platforms to create a single source of truth, centralising data and intelligence.

Commercial efficiencies

Centralising purchasing streams from across the business, helping support effective fulfilment and fast decision making.

An end-to-end integrated solution

Reconomy's technology ecosystem helps businesses become more circular.


Intelligent compliance

We gather data and insights at every point of the journey and, combined with our data set of 50+ million SKUs, enable teams to make more informed decisions across their entire operations.


Next-gen stock management

With Reconomy's advanced supply chain technology, goods can be intelligently moved around the globe.

Our platforms and portals enable businesses to check, scan, sort, and store information on stock coming in from suppliers, ensuring they are compliant and correct before sending out to retailers.

Supply chain accountability

Our technology provides new levels of transparency for retailers by giving teams access to accurate data about what is happening
across their supply chain.

We develop bespoke software and solutions that are tailored to each retailer’s individual set-up, all designed to help increase transparency and boost efficiencies – a foundation for improving sustainability.

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End-to-end waste management

Reconomy’s ‘purchase to pay’ software has digitised the process of managing waste from end-to-end, replacing outdated manual processes with automation.

Our customers can use this from the moment they place an order with us, managing fulfilment, order amends, data, documentation, and invoicing all in one place.

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Committed to sustainable operations

Reconomy’s mission is to use technology, innovation, data and specialist expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value. Reconomy is committed to digitisation and automation, as they represent far more sustainable and efficient ways of operating.

We take achieving our own internal sustainability goals as seriously as helping our customers to achieve theirs.

Read about our latest sustainability successes by downloading our Annual Sustainability Report.

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