Reconomy partners Zero Waste Awards

The new Zero Waste Awards launches in November 2020, with Reconomy as the main sponsor. It is the premier recognition scheme for businesses and organisations looking to move their waste resources up the waste hierarchy. The scheme is non-competitive and entries are accepted throughout the year. Winners will be recognised in an event in July 2021.

The overall aim of the scheme is to build a community of likeminded businesses and provide a platform for them to collaborate to reduce their environmental impact. Some previous winners include; the NHS, ITV Studios, Santander, Canary Wharf, Diageo and Network Rail.

Set up in 2010, this year the scheme has been refreshed to reflect the growing aspirations of businesses to prevent waste where possible and increase the amounts they reuse and recycle. Research suggests that sustainability is now a priority for customers, which increases the commercial case for a zero waste strategy alongside the many other benefits such as reduced costs, improved brand image, regulatory compliance and benefiting the planet for generations to come.

Speaking ahead of the relaunch, Nathan Gray, Head of Sustainability at Reconomy said, ‘We are delighted to be partnering with the Zero Waste Awards to help recognise those businesses that have made great progress toward zero waste as part of their sustainability strategy. Resource management has such an important role in the overall context of reducing carbon emissions and as we build back from the impact of the pandemic, many Reconomy customers are redoubling their efforts and setting out ambitious targets for the years ahead. Our Zerowasteometer tool, available to anyone interested in entering the awards, is a great way to get a simple picture of where you are on your zero waste journey and what to think about to drive it forward. Good luck to everyone who is taking part this year”.

Reconomy have created the new ‘Zerowasteometer’, which provides a quick, two-minute health check on your organisation’s journey toward zero waste. With just a few clicks you will have an illustration of where you are, how you benchmark against your sector and get a summary download report with some tips on what to do next. Reconomy’s sustainability consultants can then help with a full detailed analysis and review to help you set your forward plan.

The Zero Waste Index is available to anyone entering the Zero Waste Awards, or you can also access it here