Waste management technology

Tech-led solutions

Customers are rightly demanding more from their service providers, and we believe the waste and environmental sectors should be no exception. The benefits of a digital approach are well established, facilitating greater transparency and automation, which ultimately drive improvements in collaboration and productivity.

Through continuous innovation, Reconomy has successfully digitised the process of managing waste from end-to-end, replacing outdated manual processes with automation wherever possible. This not only benefits our customers by offering the likes of digital ordering and invoicing capability, but also our extensive supply chain – helping them to meet their own evolving customer demands, improve their profitability, and allow for cost-effective growth.

Customer technology interfaces

Reconomy's mission is to use technology, innovation, data, and specialist expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value.

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Supplier technology interfaces

Our goal is to future-proof the entire waste and environmental sectors by revolutionising our supply chain’s own operational practices.

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Technology eco-system

Reconomy’s mission is to transform the analog approaches traditionally associated with the environmental sector in order to help our customers achieve their ESG and sustainability goals faster and with greater transparency than ever before.

Thanks to our bespoke technology ecosystem, which we call neXus, we’ve amassed a suite of efficient and sustainable technological interfaces that benefit our customers, our suppliers, and the wider environment. Most importantly, we’ve achieved this without compromising on the outstanding service that our customers have come to expect from Reconomy.

Customer purchase to pay

Having digitised the entire waste management journey from purchase to pay, we are able to give your business access to an array of technological touchpoints, from digital catalogues, ordering and call-off services, through to online data capture and analysis, as well as electronic invoicing capability.

You can take advantage of all these digital offerings, or simply select those that are most appropriate for the way you run your business. Click here to read more about our 5-part purchase to pay journey.

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Internal operational excellence

neXus is also supporting the way we operate ‘behind the scenes’, incorporates a suite of seamless internal systems that enable day-to-day operational excellence for all our customers, including capabilities such as CRM, direct order transfer to our suppliers (known as digitalXchange), telephony, along with financial automation and reporting tools.