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Welcome to Reconomy’s WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) Testing services.

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Providing your waste with the criteria it deserves – onsite WAC testing

Welcome to Reconomy’s WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) Testing services, facilitated through Reconomy’s Recycle brands. Here at Reconomy, we aim to empower businesses and organisations by providing them with the information they need for efficient waste management practices.

Through a team of fully qualified and experienced professionals, we adhere to rigorous testing protocols, ensuring your waste onsite meets the regulatory requirement necessary and is then safely disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our expert team utilise industry-leading laboratory facilities, committed to providing accurate and reliable WAC testing results for customers throughout the construction, infrastructure, and civil engineering sectors.

Our WAC services can help your business:

Correctly identify what type of landfill can accept your waste
Assist with the interpretation of results
Help you meet regulatory compliance

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Waste Acceptance Criteria

WAC testing, otherwise known as Waste Acceptance Criteria testing, can be useful in the assessment of your waste, it determines whether waste materials meet specific criteria for landfill disposal. It can be useful for waste management because it identifies what contaminants may leach from a waste once it is disposed at landfill. WAC testing helps your business ensure your waste is disposed at the correct type of landfill.

If your waste onsite does not meet the WAC criteria, it is essential to reassess your waste management operations. The testing process results will help Reconomy identify any areas of concern in your waste and allow us to implement appropriate storage methods on-site and disposal routes to meet the required acceptance criteria.