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Reconomy has a wide variety of balers suitable for multiple materials, helping you prepare your recyclables in order to get the most value from them

Suitable for sites of all sizes

As well as performing a vital waste management role with the major environmental benefit of saving waste from landfill, baled recyclable material can also provide businesses with an invaluable revenue stream. Our range of balers are used by a wide variety of commercial waste producers in different sectors

Reconomy has a variety of vertical and horizontal balers suitable for locations of all sizes, even where space is limited. They can be used for baling cardboard, plastic, paper and other recyclable materials.

Single-chamber Baler

Perfect for customers with limited space available on site, but who generate a medium or large volume of material. The Single-chamber baler is suitable for plastics, paper, cardboard, polythene and other recyclables. They are available in two sizes – small, which produces bales of 50kg-80kg and medium, which produces bales of 200kg-300kg. Single-Chamber Balers can reduce waste volume by up to 90% and you can have additional chambers installed as required.

Multi-chamber Baler

For businesses and locations that generate multiple recyclable waste streams. The Multi-Chamber Baler segregates these waste streams and bales them separately, making recycling easier, more efficient and increasing the value to reprocessors and treatment facilities. Reconomy offer two size options - small, which produces bales of 50kg-80kg and medium, which produces bales of 200kg-300kg. You can add additional chambers to the Multi-Chamber Baler as required.

Mill-size Baler

Produce densely compacted, rectangular bales that are easy to stack and ready to be transported. The Mill Size Baler is suitable for cardboard, plastic and paper. The bales can weigh over 500kg, which helps to reduce the cost of handling, storage and haulage and makes the Mill Size Baler a perfect solution for on-site recycling. They are extremely efficient and easy to use and offer the highest levels of performance and safety for a vertical baler.

Horizontal Baler

A great solution for managing very large volumes of recyclable waste. Powered by the latest technology, Horizontal Balers process a variety of materials including plastic bottles, paper and cardboard. Reconomy offer two options – Semi-Automatic and Auto-Tie Horizontal Balers. Both options are available in different sizes capable of high volumes of waste into bales weighing up to 600kg.

Office Recycling

Reconomy have a wide range of office recycling services available nationwide. Visit to find out more

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Wheelie Bins & Containers

Wheelie bins in every size and capacity you may need, we supply a full range of Wheelie Bins, RELs and FELs together with larger Roll On Roll Off skips and containers.

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Single-Stream Recycling

Reconomy provide single stream recycling options for plastic, glass, paper, food, metal, wood and cardboard, together with other niche waste streams.

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