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Our range of quality personal protective equipment (PPE) will make sure that your staff are confident their safety is of paramount importance, whatever your work environment.

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Look after your staff and customers with PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a key aspect in the safety measures recommended during the pandemic. Face coverings, visors and gloves have become commonly used by individuals when traveling or visiting the shops, and businesses also need to make sure their staff have the appropriate items to do their jobs safely. You may work in an environment where you and your staff are in close contact with your customers and protection is vital to help stop the spread of infection and look after your workforce. Or, if you are looking to reopen offices over the coming weeks and months, you need to make sure you are ready with a sufficient supply of the right protective equipment.

It seems certain that PPE will be a part of everyday life and work for some time now, so Reconomy can help you with an ongoing supply of quality products as part of your overall safe working environment procedures.

We have a range of personal protection consumables available and can also help with safe disposal of all used items.


Versatile for use in many different environments, our masks can help your staff and customers feel safe in the office, traveling to essential meetings, on the building site, in retail, restaurants and factories.


If you or your staff are dealing with the public, handling money, or using other high-touch point areas regularly then nitrile gloves will be an important part of your PPE kit.


Aprons have become popular for use in retail settings, but also many other workplaces, to protect the individual and their clothes from being contaminated with COVID-19. We have them available in different sizes, lengths and colours to suit.

Stay safe. Protect staff. Secure your business.

Reconomy can help you with waste management, site decontamination, PPE, sanitisation and much more to keep your workplace safe.

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