Decontamination & Deep Cleaning

Make any workplace safe from infection

Our innovative system gives enhanced protection for your workforce, contractors and other visitors for up to 30 days

Are you ready for safe working?

Reconomy offer a tailored regime for regular and effective virus protection, perfect for all working environments from offices, schools, care homes, retail and hospitality through to construction and housebuilding sites. Our decontamination services provide your workers safety and peace of mind, lasting up to 30 days* after application.

Our electrostatic disinfection system charges a powerful anti-COVID-19 chemical, making it coat surfaces more effectively and remain active for longer. The technology is a new protocol in disinfection that is revolutionary, persistent and effective. It is also safer and more sustainable than conventional cleaning
methodologies when disinfecting all environments.

All sprays are designed to create a hostile environment for all pathogens, greatly reducing recontamination. All spray products are natural and biodegradable so are safe for use in all environments. To discuss the right option and get pricing for your workplace contact our team using the form below.

Protect all areas of the workplace

Our electrostatic system can be used as part of regular on-site infection control procedures. This will ensure all parts of the workplace are sanitised & disinfected

Site access points: entrances & exits
Toilet facilities including portaloos
Canteens and eating areas
Vehicles: cars, lorry cabs and buses
Changing facilities: showers and drying rooms
Plant and equipment including hand tools
All high touch point areas and communal areas
Bins and bin stores
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Gunning for COVID-19

Electrostatic disinfection is more effective, sustainable, dependable and persistent than conventional disinfection methodologies. In formal testing at accredited laboratories our control spray is proven to kill >99.99% of enveloped viruses (such as COVID-19) and non-enveloped viruses within minutes of contact.

Why choose electrostatic disinfection?

Conventional cleaning and decontamination

  • Hazardous chemicals:
    • In many cases these chemicals are not effective because they are immediately wiped off surfaces as part of the application process
  • Multiple products and methodologies:
    • All dependent on the knowhow, skill and diligence of the operative
  • Time Consuming:
    • 1 litre covers 36m2 in 11 minutes 41 seconds
  • Ineffective:
    • So it can allow bio-burden to increase over time

Reconomy’s electrostatic cleaning and decontamination

  • 65% less chemical product:
    • No chlorine, bleach, alcohol, solvents, flammable or corrosive liquids or odours.
    • Instead hydroxyl-free radicals attack viruses, bacteria and fungi by attacking membrane lipids, breaking apart nucleic acids, denaturing proteins, disrupting cell walls and oxidation of cell bonds
  • One delivery system:
    • Easier to apply, delivering an ionised 40 micron layer of disinfectant that fullt and evenly coats all surfaces
  • Fast:
    • 1 litre covers 150m2 in 10 minutes 20 seconds
  • Persistent and eco-friendly:
    • The electrostatic spray repels pathogens, providing longer lasting protection for up to 30 days* and is naturally non-toxic

Reconomy offer two disinfection options:

*High use or high traffic areas may have shorter duration of latent protection after treatment.

Option 1: 'Control' Product

Delivered by electrostatic sprayer and effective on surfaces for up to 48 hours*

Available on same day, next day and out of hours services

Option 2: 'Zoona' Product

Delivered by electrostatic sprayer and effective on surfaces for up to 30 days*

Available on same day, next day and out of hours services

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