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Our in-house team of consultants can provide a holistic view of your current sustainability and waste strategy, giving you a fresh view on your current practices and providing a blueprint for success.

Our experts have worked for some of the biggest brand names in the UK and across the globe, acting as strategic consultants and independent advisors.

Reconomy can work independently as an extension of your management teams and ensure your incumbent provider delivers your strategy. Or, we can provide a full turnkey approach to deliver your strategic vision in a partnership approach.

Our Consultancy Approach


Our scalable, multi-phased audits serve to frame the challenges and identify initial opportunities. These may be to reduce or eliminate disposal, ensure zero waste to landfill, increase recycling, work towards zero to landfill or zero waste.

In assessing your end-to-end process, we look at what you produce, how you produce it and the journey your products take – analysing the waste generated at every stage. We gauge how your waste is processed and managed, the compliance of your current processes and the plans and policies that are in place to see where there are opportunities to become more sustainable.

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We identify practical operational opportunities and test solutions. We take the data from our audit (or from any other data you provide to us) to carry out a deep dive analysis, exploring the gaps and identifying the best courses of action.

Using our sustainability and waste management expertise, we can understand how to more effectively manage waste at every level. We’ll be considering more strategic challenges too, providing recommendations to improve your wider business sustainability performance.


While a gap analysis includes recommendations for improving your company’s environmental performance, we can add further value through a full redesign phase. Taking into account where you are on your sustainability journey, we’ll develop a sustainability strategy – and your roadmap to achieving it.

We bring the roadmap to life with visualisations that illustrate the problem areas where waste is generated within your existing operations. These highlight aspects such as how your waste is segregated, stored, handled and processed, aiding the identification of future interventions.

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