Waste classification services
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From land to lab, discover our waste classification services

Working in partnership with market-leading Reconomy company, Ecofficiency, we can provide onsite waste classification services to help you not only meet compliance, but deadlines too. Here at Reconomy, we strive to simplify the complex world of waste management for your business. With an expert team of professionals with all the experience and cutting-edge technology, we’re here to provide tailored waste classification services for businesses across various industries.

Robust waste classification is crucial for not just environmental protection, but meeting compliance too. Our full turnkey approach to onsite waste classification reporting incorporates a wide range of services based on your wastes EWC code, from industry-leading soil testing options to WAC testing, we ensure you meet your sampling requirements in accordance with government legislation.

What waste classification services are available?

Explore the waste classification services available at Reconomy

Rapid measuring technology (RMT)
LOI testing
Coal tar testing
WAC testing

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Why choose Reconomy’s waste classification reporting services?

Fully qualified waste classification assessors
Bespoke mobile laboratory
Equipped for all ground conditions.
Utilise RMT technology

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