VPS Group: Void Property Waste Disposal


94% of all waste managed on behalf of VPS was succesfully diverted from landfill in 2017

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Over 13,000 tonnes of waste were managed by Reconomy on behalf of VPS Group during 2017

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VPS have over 25 years of experience as a leading provider of protection services to vacant premises

Void properties

VPS Group is a leading provider of protection services for vacant premises, including security, maintenance and property management. With over 25 years of experience, VPS’ customers include social housing organisations, property managers, retailers, construction companies and infrastructure providers. As the appointed waste partner for VPS’ social housing division, Reconomy is responsible for facilitating the disposal of all waste collected from vacant social homes, in preparation for their renovation and reoccupation. This can include domestic waste, fixtures and fittings, furniture, rubble, garden waste, hazardous materials, as well as any waste left behind by squatters or trespassers illegally using the properties.

Waste tipping

The primary waste management service provided by Reconomy to VPS is the direct tipping of mixed general waste. Though Reconomy does also supply a limited number of skips to VPS depots to allow for some waste segregation to take place, this is not always possible due to a lack of space. VPS operatives can clear as many as five vacant properties per day, therefore it is critical that they have the means to tip their waste quickly and locally.

Thanks to Reconomy’s nationwide network of supply chain partners, we have access to thousands of waste transfer stations and recycling centres, which are strategically located all over the UK. Giving VPS access to these numerous tipping sites minimises both the journey times and fuel costs of their fleet vehicles – ultimately saving them money. Upon arrival at a tipping site, the waste is systematically broken down and sorted into its various components for recycling. To minimise waste sent to landfill, any leftover general waste is shredded for use as EFW (energy from waste), while ‘awkward’ waste streams such as fridges or tyres are transported onwards to specialist recycling outlets.

Tipping app

Historically, all VPS waste transfer notes had to be handwritten at the point of tipping. This made them prone to error and slowed down both the invoicing process and the time taken to make critical waste data available to VPS on the Reconomy Portal. To increase efficiencies and accuracies, in August 2017 VPS become one of Reconomy’s first customers to use its newly launched Tipping App for smartphones. This allowed waste data for each VPS tipping job to be collected at the tipping site’s weighbridge and directly inputted into the app. From there, the data is uploaded directly onto the Reconomy Portal, making it freely available to VPS. The App was successfully mobilised by three VPS branches – Halesowen, Fife and Kilmarnock – with training provided by Reconomy to all VPS operatives. The app has proven to be hugely beneficial, not only speeding up data capture and invoicing, but also providing the branches with better transparency of their operatives, including how much waste they are collecting daily and how regularly they are tipping.

Achieving results

In 2017, Reconomy managed the disposal of over 13,000 tonnes of waste on behalf of VPS Group, the majority of which was collected and tipped as mixed general waste. Because Reconomy’s supply partners have all been pre-approved, and the waste transfer stations and recycling centres that we access are regularly accessed, they each maintain exceptionally high recycling rates. Consequently, over 94% of all VPS waste managed by Reconomy in 2017 was successfully diverted away from landfill. Following the successful launch of the Tipping App across the three pilot regions, plans are now underway for VPS to extend its use across the whole of the UK. This rollout will take place throughout 2018 and conclude by the end of the year.

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