Zero Waste Scotland Regulations in full swing

Playing a key role in helping to ensure that Scotland reaches its ambitious target of 70% recycling of all waste by 2025, the Waste Scotland Regulations, which have been in effect since the start of the year, outline very specific guidelines that we’re helping our customers to adhere to.
One of the main points of focus is the need to ensure that metal, plastic, glass, paper and card are all presented for separate collection. Put simply, this means that a separate container is required for each of these five types of common waste. With that in mind of course, it’s important to ensure that this level of separation is maintained until the waste can be removed and recycled.
From our perspective, we believe that fully segregating waste is the best way to promote high quality recycling because this ensures that the recyclable materials do not contaminate one another.
It is however quite reasonable to expect that the introduction of fully separate collection systems may not be practical in all circumstances ““ if this is the case, high quality recycling can still be achieved using a form of co-mingling’ whereby some key dry recyclables are collected together in the same container, but still separate from mixed or general waste, and later sorted at a Materials Recycling Facility.
We work with many organisations in Scotland, across many business sectors and are familiar with the ways in which each company generates its waste (we’re equally familiar with the requirements and challenges faced by each of these companies too!)
As the best practice approach, we’ll always look to promote the segregation of waste materials ““ there will however be some difference in the way that different waste providers manage and handle the new requirements.
Since we’re dedicated to bringing the best possible service to our customers, we’re also in talks with SEPA ““ the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, as well as our supplier base, to ensure that there are no complications, delivering the most appropriate course of action to ensure complete compliance with the Waste Scotland Regulations for businesses.
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