Reconomy’s road map to sustainable success

“Embedding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into the heart of our business operations to create added value for our customer base” ““ that’s the vision of Reconomy, the UK’s leading provider of recycling and waste management services, which has recently commissioned a Sustainability study into the impacts the business has on both external and internal operations.
“We already have sustainable principles in our organisation with landfill diversion, waste segregation and recycling at the core of what we do,” said Paul Cox, Reconomy’s managing director.
“But we have to lead our customers and not allow ourselves to be led, and the study, conducted by a leading Dutch consultancy, looks at how we can influence our customers and create additional value through applying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.”
The key objective of the study is to create a long-term road map for Reconomy that allows a progressive approach to achieving pre-determined goals over the coming months and years. A dedicated project team is in place to deliver the objectives ““ a method that has already seen widespread success for Reconomy in recent years with its process improvement initiative “Project Excellence”.
“The Sustainability project is looking to take us up another notch in our business growth and ultimately provide a better offering for customers plus better management of our own operations,” Paul Cox said. “Yet it’s not something that will simply happen overnight. We are therefore building a long term plan which will see some quick wins along the way.”
Reconomy is already applying green principles in key areas of its business, including the introduction of a new fleet of low-emissions vehicles for the external sales teams, together with a policy to reduce CO2 emissions through efficient journey planning and better sales territory mapping.
“Green issues are at the forefront of all our business planning,” Mr Cox explained. “However, we have not set about this review of our business to jump on the bandwagon and use fancy buzz words: we are taking these measures because we expect them to benefit our customers, the industry, our people and ultimately, the Reconomy brand.”