Reconomy to support entrepreneur award for care leavers

Following a successful pilot in 2021, Reconomy has announced it will again provide funding for The National House Project’s Aspirational Awards in 2023. The announcement was made at the recent 2022 Care Leavers National Movement Sharing Success event, which took place in Manchester.

The Aspirational Awards were created by The National House Project (NHP) as a means of furthering opportunities available to care-experienced young people within the House Project community. Reconomy’s support will specifically focus on helping budding entrepreneurs to launch their own business ventures.

In 2022, Reconomy supported three Aspirational Award winners by providing them with the necessary financial means to develop their own start-up enterprises. These included an eyelash extensions business in Islington and a 3D printing business in Wolverhampton.

Care leavers wishing to apply for an Aspirational Award are required to put together a business plan and then pitch their ideas to a team of judges. Importantly, winning candidates are also provided with additional business mentoring from Reconomy members of staff, such as marketing advice and guidance on financial planning.

Reconomy’s Group Head of Sustainability, Diane Crowe, said: “As part of Reconomy’s award winning Social Value Programme, we are committed to bridging gaps for care leavers and helping them to make successful transitions to adult living. By sponsoring The Reconomy Entrepreneur Award, as part of the National House Project’s Aspirational Awards, we will provide the funding and ongoing mentoring support for care leavers seeking to start their own businesses.”

Sam Ankers, Practice Lead for The National House Project, said: “It’s important that we continue to change the narrative surrounding care experienced young people. They do not wish to be treated any differently to those outside of the care system, and simply want the same opportunities to prove themselves. Thanks to the generosity of Reconomy and its members of staff, we will be able to help more care leavers to fulfil their potential and realise their business aspirations.”