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Reconomy to lead reuse revolution by launching sustainable food and drink packaging

At Reconomy, we understand the challenge businesses face in diverting away from single-use to reusables.

In the UK alone, 10.7 billion single-use food and drink take-out packaging containers are discarded each year after just a single use, a significant environmental threat that needs urgent attention.

Reconomy is addressing the problem immediately by believing in the power of reusability.  We are proud to be launching sustainable food and drink packaging that is practical, commercially viable, and environmentally friendly for the businesses we work with.

Switching to a reuse solution can provide a business with not only environmental benefits but huge financial savings, as much as 70-85% in total. Reconomy’s aim is to help businesses deliver dramatic cost and carbon savings, whilst changing the way they think about food and drink packaging.

Commenting on the launch of the reusable food and drink containers service offering, Reconomy’s Head of Circular Solutions, David Seal, said:

“This is a completely new service offering for Reconomy and one that will help our customers divert from single use. Our aim at Reconomy has always been to lead the way in the reuse revolution, bringing our customers on board to deliver significant carbon efficiency increases across a variety of the multiple sectors we work with. “

Discover the full service offering in the page below and find out how Reconomy can help your business join the reuse revolution: