Reconomy Support Wolverhampton Racecourse with Sustainability Plans

Reconomy were pleased to be part of the Black Country Environmental Challenge, hosted by EnTRESS, held at Wolverhampton Racecourse in May.

The event aimed to demonstrate the ambitious plans and practical steps that Wolverhampton Racecourse have in place to become more environmentally friendly. Reconomy, as their waste management partner has been working alongside the Racecourse to develop an environmental policy and ambitious step change to becoming more sustainable. The event was a great opportunity to get suppliers and customers together to share and collaborate on the exciting future developments.  

Several environmental challenges were identified on-site, including replacing plastic cups, the removal of organic waste such as horse manure and food waste and the retrofit of an 80ft greenhouse.  The Racecourse creates a lot of waste over the course of a year; the following are some average figures (per year) for areas identified to tackle:

  •   450 000 plastic glasses
  •  62 000 paper cups
  •  15 000 straws
  • 42 000 disposable napkins
  • 185 tonnes of stable waste

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) attended to showcase their green innovative solutions to the challenges Wolverhampton Racecourse presented. Exhibitors included Green Eco Technologies Ltd, Biopac Ltd, Lodge Cottrell, Canal & River Trust, Birmingham & Black Country Wildlife Trust, Urban Hax, Sustainability West Midlands and Clarkeprint Ltd.

Wolverhampton Racecourse shared their plans including sourcing 100% recyclable coffee cups, closely monitoring waste and power on-site and developing land into a conservation area for flora and fauna. 

Richard Burnes, Business Development Manager for Reconomy shared highlights including the new environmental policy: “Each time we start a new partnership with a client we take the time to understand what the challenges and pain points are. Often waste is a problem so for us to take that pain away and assist in changing the way waste is seen in the business is an added benefit. We see waste as a resource that has value and we are keen to support Wolverhampton Racecourse on their journey to becoming more sustainable”.