Reconomy launches pathway to net zero carbon

A pathway that takes decisive action in the fight against climate change, recognising that there is no time to waste

We are delighted to launch The Reconomy Environmental Action Plan (REAP). REAP aims to see the Telford-based business, together with its wider Group of companies and sub-brands, achieve net zero carbon by 2028. The initiative will dramatically cut the company’s use of fuel, heat, lighting and other sources of CO2 through science-based targets and carbon reduction plans. These will include:

  • Maintaining digital meetings to reduce business miles
  • 100% renewable energy usage for all Reconomy group offices
  • Continuing its transition of fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Planting a Reconomy-sponsored woodland
  • An employee sustainability engagement programme

In addition to achieving net zero carbon from Reconomy’s own operation, REAP also sets a series of objectives to help support the goals of its customers and suppliers, helping them reduce their own waste and carbon emissions within the same timeframe. Some of the initiatives to reduce these scope 3 carbon emissions include:

Generating customer specific Zero Waste Indexes and develop their respective pathways to 1.5 o C

  • Introducing measurable sustainability actions with Preferred Suppliers
  • Implementing a 5 Steps to Circularity Resource Playbook for customers to design-out and reduce waste
  • Developing and implementing a set of circular economy metrics.

Commenting of the net zero carbon commitment and the launch of REAP, Reconomy’s Head of Group Sustainability, Diane Crowe, said:The Reconomy Environmental Action Plan is rightly abbreviated to REAP, because through our actions, and by influencing those around us, we will sow the seeds needed to bring about environmental change so that we can all reap the benefits for generations to come.

“We recognise the importance of honestly and clearly stating our objectives and are excited about focusing our attention on delivering these initiatives that will support both Reconomy and our customers and suppliers on our journey towards net zero carbon.”

REAP is a core programme of the  Reconomy’s sustainability strategy.  Launched in 2018, the strategy is aligned with the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals and includes the companies ground-breaking Reconomy Social Value Programme (RSVP) which has to date realised over £200M of social and local economic value.


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