Contra Vision® Partner With Reconomy to Recycle PVC Material

Contra Vision® has been working with Reconomy to find a way to prevent their products from ending up in landfill. The UK-based waste and resource management company has developed a way to recycle PVC material into portable traffic products such as traffic cones, temporary barrier bases, and portable sleeping policemen.

This scheme is for UK printers, suppliers, and end-users, and could help reduce waste management costs, whilst creating sustainable value. Reconomy manages the complete process and, once up and running, companies benefit by sharing this achievement with current and potential customers. Taking part in this scheme could also lead to eligibility for environmental accreditation.

Contra Vision® has been a long-term advocate of energy-saving principles and green initiatives. The company’s original invention was partly designed to utilise existing glass surfaces as opportunities for advertising, without the need for extra billboards cluttering the landscape.

PVC can be viewed negatively, but studies have found that Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film can have a net CO2 reduction when used on vehicle and building windows. Contra Vision® has put in place several initiatives and continues to develop new ideas to reduce any impact on the environment. Some recent changes the company have made to reduce their product and business’ carbon footprint are:

  • Using a percentage of recycled content in our PVC film.
  • Swapping bubble wrap and the polythene bag for a PE sleeve leads to a reduction of around 2 tonnes of plastic per year.
  • Sourcing recyclable packaging for the products sold in our Privacy store.

Meanwhile, Contra Vision’s Research and Development team is working on reducing the weight of their products, looking at alternatives to PVC and further improvements to their product packaging.