5 Quick Wins to Save Time and Money on Construction Waste

Waste management remains a serious issue & but adopting the right strategy could generate significant construction waste savings and increase efficiencyConstruction costs increased again in 2016, in line with post-referendum currency fluctuations, leaving managers facing the challenge of identifying areas where yet more savings can be made. And with the UK generating 25 million tonnes of landfill, construction waste needs to and can deliver quick but significant savings if managed correctly.Substantial construction waste savings can be generated by adopting 5 quick wins for more effective waste management & from increasing efficiency across the construction process and generating quick waste recovery wins through to optimised materials purchasing and expert segregation techniques.The effect of adopting such quick win measures is not only a chance for enterprise to create substantial opportunities for construction waste savings but to also enjoy a raft of other benefits that will protect the company in the future. For instance, it will increase a constructor’s competitive advantage, help meet planning requirements, boost sustainable design and critically, put the company in the best possible position to deal with any changes in public policy including increases in Landfill Tax.For the shrewd construction manager then, it shouldn’t be a case of if such steps should be taken to deal with construction waste & but when. And with the drain on sector’s resources created by waste, making that move can’t happen soon enough.Discover how effective waste management can save the construction sector millions by downloading our free eGuide How to Produce a Cost-Saving Strategy and Plan for Waste Management