What Is the True Cost of Your Skip?

Construction skip costs are much higher than rental fees alone – you need to consider the hidden costsEvery year, the UK construction industry uses 400 million tonnes of material, produces 100 million tonnes of waste and sends 25 million tonnes to landfill, according to WRAP and the National Federation of Builders. This volume of waste has major cost implications for building sites.It’s easy to think of skip hire as your primary waste-related cost, but the financial impact is much greater.This infographic will help you identify your true construction skip costs – and take practical steps to reduce those costs through more effective waste management. When you optimise material use and maximise skip space, you benefit from lower project costs, higher landfill diversion rates, greater efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint.These are all key benefits in today’s construction environment. The KPMG Global Construction Survey 2015 found that just 31% of construction projects came within 10% of budget. And a survey from the Federation of Master Builders found that 65% of construction firms expect material costs to increase over the next 6 months.When you develop a track record for delivering low waste management costs and high productivity, you mitigate against these risks and gain an edge in a competitive market.Takeaways:Waste can cost as much as £1,300 per skip when you factor labour, value of wasted materials, tax and rental.Because you pay per pick-up, your skip costs are even higher if you don’t fill skips completely.More efficient skip utilisation can deliver cost savings of up to 30% when you optimise volume and waste streams.To improve skip utilisation, you need to implement a waste segregation strategy, increase skip volume and align purchasing and deliveries to work stages.Focusing on reducing waste, reusing materials and increasing recycling will save money, boost landfill diversion rates, generate income, cut carbon emissions – and enhance your reputation.Analyse your site to discover how you can boost skip utilisation and increase landfill diversion rates. Download: Why Carry out a Waste Management Audit for Your Building Site? Control, Credibility and Cost Saving