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A Preview of Forthcoming Waste Management Resources on the Reconomy Blog

The Latest Developments in Waste Management?

Just as many construction companies were enjoying a period of sustained growth, it looks as though we are re-entering turbulent times. The EU referendum introduces a new dimension of change for the industry. More than ever, construction professionals will need to stay one step ahead of their competitors and remain well-informed in a rapid-moving situation in order to face the challenges with confidence.
Nowhere is that uncertainty more keenly felt than in the area of legislation. But while the EU changes work themselves through, there is much that construction companies can do to mitigate the costs of non-compliance. Legislation and standards also offer a great way to align with best practice.
With our forthcoming blog content, we aim to give construction businesses an array of resources to help remain compliant. Topics will include:

Landfill tax update – what will it cost you and your supply chain?

What does the ISO 14001 mean for construction companies?

The Red Tape Challenge & How Does It Affect Construction Waste?

Hazardous Waste Changes – How Will They Impact Construction?

How companies like McAlpine are adopting SWMPs for their supply chains

While Reconomy can’t magic away the economic uncertainties, what we can do is help make construction waste management a solution for your business, rather than create more problems.
And finally…
This month Reconomy was in the news as Construction Index reported on another successful year for our business as we welcomed a number of new prestigious clients, including Jaguar Land Rover and Mears Group.
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Get in-depth guidance on the bottom-line benefits of waste management. Download: How Best Practice in Waste Management Improves the Bottom Line in the Construction Industry