The Reconomy Circular – Total Waste Management in the Circular Economy – Issue 3

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Are landfill tax increases affecting the bottom line of your construction projects? Find out how embracing the concept of the circular economy in your construction projects could help reduce the impact.
Avoid landfill tax by embracing the circular economy in construction

You’re already part of the circular economy whether you realise it or not & in fact, refurbishment is a core value. Far from being the latest business fad, the circular economy presents a very real opportunity for refurbishment companies.
Refurbishment is at the Heart of the Circular Economy

The construction industry produces a third of the UK’s total waste every year, according to recent figures. Reducing landfill costs improves both financial performance and business reputation. Follow these top tips.
Top 10 Tips for Minimising Landfill Costs [1-3]

BREEAM certification is putting the seal of success on major building projects. And as the drive to sustainability continues, construction clients are placing more and more emphasis on BREEAM.
Win More Shopfitting Business with BREEAM Certification

Industry News
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Updated guidance on waste for businesses in England, Wales and Northern IrelandLegal Definition of Waste Guidance Updated
Leading developer discusses the impact of the EU referendum on the industryHow the UK EU Referendum will Affect the Construction Sector
Worcestershire business receive punitive fine for waste offencesCompany and Director to Pay Over £30,000 for Waste Offences
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