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Become a member of the Packaging 2 Recycling Group Scheme.

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Brand owners and supermarkets are seeing the demand for being more environmentally aware.

  • Retail and consumer focus is firmly fixed on the damaging environmental effects of packaging around the world
  • This is impacting directly on supply chain choices
  • Now is the perfect opportunity for the carton print industry to promote the environmental credibility of their brands
  • Now is the time for the carton packaging print sector and key suppliers to work together and drive the message up the supply chain

Many Carton converters don’t realise that they aren’t maximizing the available revenues from their recyclable waste.

  • The recycling markets and material values have changed since the China waste bans in January 18
  • Many waste collectors now aren’t able to offer best value for your carton board waste
  • Grades of waste carton board have higher or lower values depending upon various factors
  • Many carton converters are losing £’000s each year in revenue for their waste boards

Industry sector

The scheme applies to and benefits all companies that use fibre based materials to produce packaging or other products in the UK.

The mission

The Packaging 2 Recycling scheme has been set up to promote the environmental credentials of carton board within packaging and other products. P2R certification and logo will be an industry recognised achievement of best practice recycling.

Packaging 2 Recycling

The scheme is run by Reconomy and sponsored by the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF).


All fibre based packaging and products, including various laminated boards and papers (we can recycle this!).

Benefits to You

Best practice waste management. Use of P2R group scheme certification and logo as part of industry wide environmental promotion. Fully outsourced cost saving solution.

Our solution

Become a member of the Packaging 2 Recycling Group Scheme.

  • Your site will be assessed to determine whether any in-house changes will increase waste revenue
  • You will have access to all carton recycling markets, both domestic and export
  • Many changes to increase revenue and improve waste handling is available, including extraction systems and baling hardware
  • 24/7 advice on all waste and recycling related matters
  • Up to date evaluations on recycling markets will ensure you continue to receive the highest revenue available for your wastes
  • No more arduous and resource consuming tenders required to maintain best value solutions

Become a member of the Packaging 2 Recycling Group Scheme.

  • Packaging 2 Recycling: A uniquely branded membership scheme, exclusively for the Carton and Packaging sector
  • Promote carton packaging as the go to environmental solution to products and packaging choices
  • Encourage suppliers to focus branding from other substrates onto carton board
  • Bulk and recycle ‘difficult’ carton grades as a group for improved solutions and finance

Getting started:

Full waste audits of all sites

Review all waste stream systems and contractor collection methods

Review 3 months worth of purchase invoices

Audit report and proposal

Summary of your current processes

Proposal for changes to current systems

Like-for-like price comparisons between the two systems

Three month trial

We handle the transition

No commitment to long term contract

See the benefits before you commit

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