PPE Recycling

Reconomy is working in partnership with ReWorked on the #reclaimthemask campaign to provide recycling and closed loop recycling solutions.

Stop disposing of PPE and start recycling it

Prior to the pandemic, we were all being made aware of the damaging effect plastic waste was having on our oceans. Subsequently, PPE has only contributed further to this problem, with news reporting that globally we are using 129 billion face masks and 65 billion plastic gloves every month in response to COVID-19.

In April 2020 the government advised people to dispose of used masks in general waste bins, although more often we see PPE, specifically disposable face masks, being disposed of improperly – littering our public spaces. As part of our ethos to drive waste up the hierarchy for our customers, we wanted to find a solution that meant these necessary materials were routed back into the value chain, rather than ending up being sent to landfill or incinerated.

Closing the loop

We have joined forced with ReWorked and their #Reclaimthemask campaign to provide just that – a closed loop recycling that takes PPE and turns it back into materials that can be used again in the business.

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PPE recycling box range

80ltr PPE Recycling Box £45.00
90ltr PPE Recycling Box £50.00
100ltr PPE Recycling Box £51.00
120ltr PPE Recycling Box £64.00

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PPE bin range

PPE Bin £220.00
PPE with Sanitiser Bin £260.00

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How it works...

Utilising innovative technology and a giant ‘waffle making’ machine, boards (called stormboard) can be made of 100% recycled plastics.

A four-step process

We have a simple four-step process. You order your PPE bin or cardboard insert, fill it and when ready we will collect and send it for processing.

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The recycling box includes delivery, 1 x box, 1 x liner, 1 x pre-paid return label, courier collection and processing and recycling of the waste. Delivery and collection of the recycling boxes is typically 3-5 days. PPE bins are made to order and the lead time is subject to existing work orders and will be confirmed a the point of order.
Bespoke solutions can be designed, please contact us for more details.