Waste compaction and baling equipment

A large range of equipment that supports sites to bale and compact waste that delivers cost and environmental savings.


Bale and compact waste that delivers cost and environmental savings

Through Reconomy's Recycle Division brand, ACM Environmental, we can provide compactors and baling equipment that comes in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit site requirements. Suitable for multiple materials, our equipment helps to maximise the value of recyclables whilst reducing the storage, handling and transportation costs.

How you collect and contain your waste is more than just an aesthetic matter. Storing waste and recyclables in suitable, secure conditions makes them safer, more hygienic, cleaner and easier to handle.

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With over 25 years of waste management experience, Reconomy provide a sustainable licensed recycling solution with full traceability for all types of commercial waste producers.


ACM's balers, press and compact recyclables such as cardboard, plastics and paper into bales. Bailing reduces the storage, handling and transportation costs whilst maximising the recyclable value of your material.

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Compactors are an effective way of containing and transporting large quantities of dry waste and recyclable materials. Waste compacted on site will take up less space and require fewer collections, saving time and improving efficiency. ACM supplies both portable and static waste compactors.

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Modern, innovative recycling equipment that enhance the performance and financial return of waste operations

Ancillary equipment and containers

Recycling units and containers range from internal bins and wheelie bins to roll on roll off bins that can be customised to your waste requirements.

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Reverse vending machines

Through Reconomy brand, EcoVend, we have a range of highly efficient recycling machines that are used by the general public to deposit empty single-use beverage containers in return for a monetary or non-monetary reward.

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