Food Waste Collection and Disposal

Reconomy’s food waste management service ensures that food waste is appropriately collected and disposed of.  

Food waste segregation and collection from your premises enables circular economy principles, compliance with best hygiene practices and creates a cleaner working environment.

Our food waste collection and disposal solutions include the following services:

GOBI Food Waste Dryer

Our food waste dryers reduce the weight and volume of food waste by up to 90%, resulting in a reduction in collection and transports costs.

Sizes range from 50kg to 200 tonnes per day and valuable biomass can be used for on-site energy generation.

DEHYDRA Food Waste Dewaterers

With a capacity of up to 300kg per hour and per unit, food waste dewaterers reduce the volume of waste by up to 80% and the weight of waste by up to 50%, whilst recovering over 90% of solids.

Our food waste dewaterers can be retrofitted to existing waste disposal systems and their modular capability allows for multiple processing locations with single collection unit.

ROCKET Composters

Composters produce compost from all of your food and garden waste in 14 days. Our composters are robust, reliable and available in a range of capacities, which are capable of producing between 300 and 10,500 litres of organic waste per week.

Composters not only reduce your carbon footprint, they also help to reduce your food waste disposal costs, assist landfill diversion and help with avoidance of the increased landfill tax.

Food Waste Collection & Disposal

Our food waste collection and disposal solutions offer the following key benefits:

  • Reduces costs by avoiding increased landfill tax
  • Helps you lower your carbon footprint by enabling circular economy principles and landfill diversion
  • Provides standard and bespoke reporting through the Reconomy Portal.