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A specialist and experienced team with supply chain partners that provide a first-class service to print manufacturers

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Acquiring Prismm Environmental

Since acquiring Prismm Environmental in 2019, Reconomy has continued to build its footprint within the print sector, whilst retaining the specialist and experienced team and the supply chain partners to provide a first-class service to print manufacturers.

Prismm Environmental, has been a Reconomy endorsed brand for several years and is now being fully consolidated within the Reconomy brand to propagate the unique expertise and sector centric solutions previously developed within Prismm.

Specialist print waste solutions

Our specialists deliver cost effective print waste solutions, conserving resources and promoting waste up the waste hierarchy by pioneering renewable routes for recycling or reuse. Beyond operational waste management, we are uniquely positioned to work in partnership with you on any strategic change projects, including:

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
Profitability and productivity improvements
Cost reduction initiatives
Supply chain and operations transformation projects
Zero-waste pathways
Resource mapping and packaging specification projects
Compliance and futureproofing

Our products and services…

Display and POS recycling

By working with us you will be eligible for accreditation through one of our association partners.

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Packaging 2 recycling

The scheme applies to and benefits all companies that use fibre based materials to produce packaging or other products in the UK.

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Zero labels 2 landfill

Become a member of the Prismm Zero Labels 2 Landfill Group Scheme

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Zero foil 2 landfill

The Scheme is run by Prismm Environmental Limited and sponsored by the British Printing Industry Federation (BPIF)

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With two of our Directors on the Board of the Recycling Association, we are leading the charge in driving change and setting standards for the UK waste industry, as well as lobbying across the print waste sector.

We work with FESPA UK, BPIF and numerous suppliers on our recycling management for
visual media waste:

FESPA UK offers a Total Waste Management scheme, operated by Reconomy, within their membership package. This covers free environmental auditing to establish/implement waste media recycling options, costs analysis and advice and sustainable material choices.

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BPIF has established, in partnership with Reconomy, its own scheme, entitled Display & POS 2 Recycling, that ensure each member of the scheme receives BPIF certification and open company use of the logo.

The scheme applies to and benefits all companies that use fibre based materials to produce packaging or other products in the UK.

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