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Inspiring sustainable thinking and leading the way towards a circular economy.


Leading best practice, not following it

Reconomy is the market-leading provider of outsourced services to drive the circular economy - including waste and resource management, recycling services and environmental compliance. We are adept at delivering sustainability focused solutions alongside the day-to-day operational side of waste and resource management.

We have over 25 years’ experience of putting customers at the heart of everything we do, inspiring them to think differently about their resources.

By challenging our customers to embrace new concepts and ways of working, we are changing perceptions about waste and resources, creating measurable business advantages.

Our vision

To create a sustainable, waste free world by inspiring businesses to do all they can to reduce their environmental impact, using leading resource management practices and data expertise. With a growing focus on sustainability and the circular economy within the waste management industry, the Reconomy Group is leading the way in providing innovative and tangible value-added solutions to deliver our customer objectives.


Our growth

The Reconomy Group has developed considerably in recent years. Bringing companies into the Reconomy Group through acquisitions will continue to form a key component in our business strategy alongside organic growth.

We will also maintain our approach of adding to our scope of services and breadth of capability, as well as extending our reach beyond the waste services sector into new and exciting related industries.

Reconomy is owned by EMK Capital LLP, having been acquired in 2017. EMK has been instrumental in our continued investment in our best-in-class technology platforms and nationwide reach, enabling us to achieve consistently high service levels and customer satisfaction scores.


Reconomy is a Reconomy Group company. The Reconomy Group is a leading, tech-led provider of circular economy-focused services, with the purpose of creating a truly sustainable world through conserving finite resources. Supporting businesses around the world to improve their ESG outcomes, the Reconomy Group delivers services through three main verticals – Recycle, Comply and Reuse.

Reconomy contributes to achieving the mission of the Reconomy Group's Recycle division:

Using technology, innovation, data and specialist expertise to enable our customers to achieve zero waste and create sustainable value.

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