Supporting Tesco with its packaging data


Compliance with the Waste Regulations is a huge administrative task. Tesco has over 200,000 product lines. Analysing this data and gathering packaging weights in order to comply with the UK Packaging Waste Regulations is a huge administrative task and an important responsibility for Tesco so being fully compliant with these regulations are a must.


Reconomy’s data team began calculating Tesco’s UK data submissions. This included:

  • Identifying the raw data required in order to produce the data submission
  • Carrying out weighing exercises
  • Extensive data collection and analysis
  • Reporting the data submission to the  environment agency


Tesco saved time and gained peace of mind and also realised a number of other benefits, including:

  • The identification of raw data required in order to produce the data submission
  • Cost savings in terms of staff time and resource
  • Additional, bespoke reporting to help establish areas of investigation for Tesco to focus its own resources on worthwhile sustainability projects
  • We now help Tesco with their International submissions too


“The Insight Platform has been developed with Tesco Stores Ltd and as such has been developed to run quick, useful reports on packaging data, turning information into valuable insight. Tesco highly recommends this tool to anyone looking to get significantly increased value from their packaging data”